Data Analytics & Interactive Dashboards



The Client

A New York, NY based asset manager with over $900 million in Assets Under Management (AUM).

The Solution

The CIO and the COO at the investment management firm explained the scenario in detail to the Cognivo team over a series of discovery calls and on-site meetings with operations and management. The Cognivo team decided to take a two-prong approach to the challenge at hand.
The first step was to understand the data architecture requirements looking 3-5 years into the future, based on the growth projections of the investment manager, as well as high-level insights into the trading strategies that might be utilized in the future.

To immediately alleviate the major pain points, Cognivo made the decision to refactor the current system and implement incremental updates to keep the system viable for the next 3-6 months.
During this period, Cognivo re-engineered the current data requirements, data dictionaries, application architecture, and other core requirements that supported multiple asset classes and currencies.

With extensive knowledge and expertise in the investment management industry, the Cognivo team was able to aggregate and centralize the firm’s internal data from the portfolio and accounting systems into a central data warehouse.

We then installed custom real-time business intelligence dashboards for the front office and back office teams to be able to view critical data at any time.

What We Delivered

Automated, timely, accurate, and visually attractive investment research with data analytics and an interactive, visually attractive dashboard.

The automated aggregation and centralization of critical investment and operations data allowed the entire research and analysis process to be automated, predictable, timely, and reliable.
The feature-rich investment research and analysis became available via web-based, centralized interactive dashboards to the investment officers, thereby eliminating the need to ask the investment team for manual analysis. The biggest achievement however was the accuracy of the analysis being generated, which improved by over 90 percent. In addition, Cognivo added various automated reconciliation checks on the input data as well as the generated analysis.

Unified views and role-based tailored dashboards.

The data analytics were made available via web-based, simple and easy-to-use, unified views and visually attractive interactive dashboards. These dashboards show near-real-time data across asset classes, portfolios, markets, currencies, investment strategies, trading styles, and investors.

Highly efficient workload management.

The investment team no longer needs to gather data manually from various sources, and then spend countless hours preparing the data for analysis. According to the Chief Investment Officer, the biggest advantage of this new solution is that they can better utilize their small team of analysts, who are now able to use their time performing more meaningful tasks for the firm.

Exceptional return on investment (ROI).

According to the Chief Investment Officer, the many hours saved by automation of data aggregation, preparing, and pre-processing, allowed at least two full-time roles to be dedicated to other higher value-added functions within the firm. This equals close to a million dollars in savings over a five-year period.