Consulting & Implementation Services

Financial Technology Strategy & Advisory

Many financial institutions we are working with contend with multifaceted challenges that span technological, operational, and strategic domains. Crafting a cohesive digital transformation strategy that aligns with evolving client/investor expectations while also adhering to stringent regulatory requirements can prove intricate.

At Cognivo, we have become the go-to experts for financial institutions, providing clear and concise guidance on how to leverage cutting-edge technologies to optimize operations, enhance client and investor experiences, and minimize risk.

Financial Systems Integration

Many financial institutions has fragmented systems, technology, data, processes and services. This adversely affects – (1) Efficiency, (2) Coherent decision making, (3) Free and open flow of ideas, (4) Operational risk.

Drawing on our extensive technological expertise, we integrate disparate financial systems, software applications, and databases to ensure efficient and synchronized data flow across your financial institution.

Financial Technology Implementation

Many financial institutions we are working with are looking to Integrate new FinTech solutions with existing legacy systems often presents complexities, leading to potential disruptions in operations and data flow.

By combining industry expertise with technological acumen, we guide your team from the initial assessment of needs and solution selection to the seamless integration of cutting-edge financial technology solutions.

Financial Data Management & Reporting

We enable investment managers to make superior and more confident investment decisions by automating the centralization of critical investment and operations data.

We then employ leading-edge, proprietary business intelligence, machine learning, and other data analytics and data visualization tools, to improve the quality, timeliness, and visual presentation of their proprietary research and reports.

Financial Data Science & Machine Learning

Navigating the realm of data science and machine learning presents financial institutions with a host of formidable challenges.

These include the intricate task of aggregating and cleaning vast and disparate datasets from various sources, the scarcity of specialized talent equipped with both financial and technical expertise, and the complex regulatory landscape that necessitates meticulous validation and compliance efforts.

We at Cognivo are playing a pivotal role in aiding financial institutions or various shapes and sizes to unlock the transformative potential of data science and machine learning.

Through in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise, we collaborate with your team to identify strategic opportunities for applying advanced analytics.