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Our Story

Cognivo, founded in Connecticut, aims to equip small and midsize investment management firms with advanced software and data engineering expertise, traditionally accessible only to larger firms.

Our extensive experience in the industry has given us insight into the operational challenges of managing diverse data sources, regulatory compliance, and reporting demands.

We specialize in transforming these challenges into growth opportunities for small and mid-size investment firms.

To explore our technical expertise and deep understanding of the financial services industry, feel free to contact us.

We’re excited to collaborate with your team.

Hardeep Mehta
Founder & Managing Director

Our Leadership

Hardeep Mehta, the founder and managing director of Cognivo, established the firm with a mission to offer investment management firms access to his extensive expertise in financial technology solutions, particularly in the capital markets industry. His goal was to leverage his considerable knowledge and experience to benefit these firms.

Hardeep Mehta

Head of Client Experience

Kate Hayes

Head of Business Development

Paul Thompson

Head of Technology Implementation

Why Does the Investment Management Industry Choose Cognivo?

Deep Domain Knowledge

We have over 18 years of experience in implementing data and technology solutions for the investment management industry. Our vast experience is complemented by proprietary libraries and tools developed over the years, enhancing every client engagement.

Unique Blend of Finance & Technology

Our deep understanding of financial markets and the operational needs of the investment management industry sets us apart. Our focus on the financial sector equips us with insights into the financial markets and the operational strategies of top-tier investment firms.

Client Focused Approach

Our primary goal is our clients’ success, which we take immense pride in. Our approach is tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of each client in the investment management industry.