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Investment Process & Workflow Management


At the core of every successful investment management firm is a streamlined and optimized investment process and workflow. From managing asset classes, and investment workflow to onboarding and managing investors.

We are experts at developing proprietary, tailored, web-based business process, and workflow management solutions to increase efficiency and to minimize operating costs as well as risk. 

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Title Hyphen    Typical Bespoke Solutions Include the Following Main Features


This feature allows you to manage – assets, deals, portfolios, investors, organizations, and other entities that pertain to your investment firm, based on your unique blend of investment strategies, trading styles, asset classes and account types you offer.
This feature enables you to define and enforce specific tasks related to your investment process. It also allows you to assign tasks and responsibilities to internal team members and view the progress of each investment/deal via a dashboard in real-time.
Data Analytics & Reporting
This feature allows you to run data analytics and generate reports related to, investment activity, portfolios, exposure, risk, cash flows, valuations and other essential statistics.
Search ML (Machine Learning)
At the core of our solutions is the machine learning-based search feature that becomes smarter over time. This in-house feature allows you to search across all relevant entities, as well as activities, to present you with the most relevant information that is easy to understand and consume.
The dashboard feature allows the user to view key metrics on various aspects of the business using a single unified view. This view can be customized for each user based on their role and responsibilities.
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