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We bring an unparalleled combination of functional software and data engineering expertise, along with specialized domain knowledge of the investment management industry, to build bespoke solutions for our investment management clients in multiple areas.

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Data Analytics & Interactive Dashboards

We enable investment managers to make superior and more confident investment decisions by automating the centralization of critical investment and operations data.

We then employ leading-edge, proprietary business intelligence, machine learning, and other data analytics and data visualization tools, to improve the quality, timeliness and visual presentation of their proprietary research.

Cognivo investment management Analytics Dashboard
Cognivo investment management Positions Dashboard

Automated Visually Attractive Reports

Based on each investment management firm’s needs, we implement tailored solutions that automate the aggregation, reconciliation, and exception handling of data from numerous internal and external sources as well as in various formats.

We then utilize our proprietary software, tools and APIs to create well designed, feature-rich tables and charts, which are then used to generate highly functional and visually attractive internal and investor reports.

Investment Process & Workflow Management

At the core of every successful investment management firm are streamlined and optimized investment processes and workflows. From managing asset classes, and investment workflow to onboarding and managing investors.

We are experts at developing proprietary, tailored, web-based business process, and workflow management solutions to increase efficiency and to minimize operating costs as well as risk.

Cognivo investment management Reconciliation Dashboard
Cognivo investment management Investment Process & Research Dashboard

Operations Automation & Modernization

At Cognivo, we work with successful investment managers that are outgrowing their current front, middle and back-office systems. We have extensive experience in migrating legacy systems, often based on Microsoft Excel/ Access/VBA, into more robust, faster, reliable, and scalable systems using the latest programming languages, APIs, and cloud (Microsoft Azure) technologies.

We have broad experience in using statistical programming languages (Python, R) and toolkits to analyze large, complex datasets. We have technical expertise in optimizing data collection, database design, data mining, data modeling, and data analysis.