Leading Asset Manager Enhances Client Experience with Cognivo


Client Profile

A prominent asset management firm seeking to enhance its client experience and distribution capabilities to drive growth and success.


The firm faced several critical challenges that hindered its ability to deliver exceptional client experiences:

  1. Fragmented Client Data: Fragmented client data across various systems, leading to inconsistent client experiences.
  2. Inefficient Distribution Processes: Inefficient distribution processes, impacting productivity and client satisfaction.
  3. Data Insights: Difficulty in managing and leveraging client information for strategic insights and decision-making.
  4. Excel Limitations: Manual processes and Excel-based data management, causing inefficiencies and errors.
  5. Data Visualization Constraints: Difficulty in effectively visualizing client data for strategic insights.

Root Cause

The primary root cause was the lack of an integrated system to manage client data and distribution processes efficiently, leading to fragmented information and inefficient workflows.


Cognivo, a specialized data and technology consulting firm, partnered with the asset manager to overhaul its distribution architecture.

Comprehensive Distribution Architecture Overhaul

Cognivo implemented a holistic approach, focusing on several key strategies:

  1. Data Integration: Centralizing client data from various sources into a unified system for consistent and accessible information.
  2. Excel Replacement: Streamlining distribution processes and automating workflows, reducing dependency on Excel.
  3. Client Insights: Implementing advanced analytics for better client insights and strategic decision-making.
  4. Power BI Integration: Using Microsoft Power BI to enhance data visualization and reporting with interactive dashboards.

Services Involved

Cognivo’s comprehensive suite of services ensured a seamless transformation:

  1. Strategic Advisory: Providing expert guidance on optimizing client experience and distribution architecture.
  2. Data Management & Reporting: Enhancing data storage and reporting capabilities.
  3. Systems Integration: Ensuring seamless integration with existing systems.
  4. Technology Implementation: Deploying advanced technological solutions for automation and client insights.

Challenges Addressed

Cognivo’s solution addressed the asset manager’s key challenges:

  1. Fragmented Data: Centralized client data for consistent and accessible information.
  2. Inefficient Processes: Streamlined and automated distribution workflows for improved efficiency.
  3. Strategic Insights: Enhanced ability to leverage client information for strategic insights and decision-making.
  4. MS Excel Dependency: Replaced Excel with automated and integrated data management solutions.
  5. Data Visualization: Enhanced data visualization and reporting with Power BI for better insights.


By partnering with Cognivo, the asset management firm achieved remarkable results:

  1. Efficiency: Significantly improved distribution process efficiency through automation and streamlined workflows.
  2. Client Experience: Enhanced and consistent client experience across all touchpoints by centralizing client data.
  3. Strategic Insights: Improved ability to gain valuable insights from client data, aiding in strategic decision-making.


Cognivo’s expertise in data and technology consulting enabled the leading asset management firm to transform its distribution architecture, leading to improved client experiences, operational efficiency, and strategic insights. This transformation positioned the firm for continued success in managing client relationships and enhancing distribution capabilities, driving growth and success in the asset management industry.