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Our Journey & Vision

Cognivo, founded in Connecticut, aims to equip small and midsize investment management firms with advanced and data and technology expertise, traditionally accessible only to larger investment firms.

Our extensive experience in the industry has given us insight into the operational challenges of managing diverse data sources, regulatory compliance, and reporting demands.

We specialize in transforming these challenges into growth opportunities for small and mid-size investment firms.

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Hardeep Mehta
Founder & Managing Director

Meet Our Leadership Team

Hardeep Mehta, Founder and CEO: With a passion for redefining the investment management industry through technology and data, I bring over 22 years of expertise to the table. My career spans a diverse range of financial institutions, including investment firms, private funds, limited partnerships, outsourced CIOs, and broker-dealers. Throughout this journey, I have focused on consulting and implementing reliable technology and data solutions that drive operational efficiency and strategic growth. My extensive experience and unwavering commitment to innovation empower me to deliver transformative results for our clients, ensuring they stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Kate Hayes, Head of Business Development: With a dynamic career spanning over a decade in the investment management industry, I bring unparalleled expertise and a strategic vision to Cognivo as the Head of Business Development. I excel in forging strong client relationships, identifying growth opportunities, and driving business initiatives that align with our clients’ needs. My deep understanding of market trends and proactive approach ensure that Cognivo remains at the forefront of industry innovation, providing exceptional value to our clients. My dedication to excellence and ability to navigate complex business landscapes make me an invaluable asset to our team.

Paul Thompson, Head of Data & Technology Implementation: I am a seasoned expert with over 15 years of experience in data and technology implementation within the investment management sector. As the Head of Data & Technology Implementation at Cognivo, I am the driving force behind our clients’ successful technology transformations. My extensive knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, coupled with my meticulous attention to detail, ensures seamless integration and optimization of data environments. My innovative approach and commitment to excellence enable our clients to achieve unparalleled efficiency and insight. My leadership and technical prowess make me a cornerstone of Cognivo’s mission to modernize and enhance our clients’ operations.

What Sets Us Apart

Investment Sector Expertise

With over 18 years of experience in the investment management industry, we’ve refined our expertise in data and technology solutions. Our proprietary tools and libraries, developed through countless engagements, enable us to deliver tailored, cutting-edge solutions that address the unique challenges of each client, ensuring optimal performance and competitive advantage.

Client-Centric Innovation

We measure our success by our clients’ achievements. Our collaborative methodology involves a deep dive into each client’s specific needs, goals, and operational nuances. This personalized approach allows us to create bespoke solutions that not only meet immediate objectives but also lay the groundwork for long-term growth and efficiency in the ever-evolving investment landscape.

FinTech Synergy

Our team’s dual expertise in financial markets and advanced technology sets us apart. We combine in-depth knowledge of investment strategies, regulatory requirements, and market dynamics with state-of-the-art technological solutions. This synergy allows us to develop innovative tools that not only solve current challenges but also anticipate future needs.

Our Core Values

Our primary goal is to deliver exceptional value for our clients every single day. These three leading principles help us stay true to this primary goal.

Client Success

Our client’s success is our main goal, and we take pride in it.

Open Flow of Ideas

We believe in open flow of ideas and thoughts within Cognivo and with our clients.

Seamless Technology

We stay on top of the latest technology trends to provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

Our Accolades & Recognitions

Recognized As

In 2020, Hedge Fund Magazine awarded us as the “best of the best” in. . .

Client Endorsements

Lorraine WangLorraine Wang, President & CEO at GAMMA Investing

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Hardeep and his team at Cognivo over the past year as we developed our new data centralization and reporting platform.

From my personal experience, I highly recommend them as a consulting and implementation partner for any financial services company looking to drive innovation through data and technology.

Their team brought deep expertise in data infrastructure, advanced analytics, and financial services to our engagement. They worked together with our internal IT and business stakeholders to ensure the solution was tailored to our specific needs and integrated seamlessly with our existing systems.

Throughout the project, I was impressed with Hardeep’s professionalism and dedication to our success. They consistently delivered high-quality work on time and within budget through excellent project management. They anticipated risks and challenges, allowing us to avoid roadblocks.

In summary, Hardeep and his team created tremendous value for our business. I look forward to collaborating with them again soon on future strategic initiatives.

Lorraine Wang
CEO, GAMMA Investing

Paul Nealon, Co-Founder, Managing Partner at Resolute Global Partners

ILS Capital Management is a Fund specializing in reinsurance, an asset class that is not widely known in the U.S. We hired Cognivo to help us upgrade our technology and operations, which involved moving from our legacy system to a more robust and automated system that supported seamless and more efficient operations for our hedge fund.

The Cognivo team, under the leadership of Hardeep, developed an overall plan and successfully guided us through this transition. Despite Hardeep’s limited knowledge of reinsurance at inception, his deep knowledge and understanding of the fund industry, his technical expertise, and his dedication to learning and understanding our asset class allowed him and his team to quickly understand our business needs and objectives. After defining our requirements, with minimal guidance, they have been able to build a specialized custom solution to meet our business needs.

The custom solution build by Cognivo, on top of centralized data, has helped us perform our month end reporting in a much more efficient manner, saving tens of man hours every month. We are now able to utilize that time for other important tasks. In addition, we now have the capability to perform more in-depth analysis and answer specific questions from our clients and investment team.

We have no hesitation recommending Hardeep and Cognivo to any hedge fund, looking for bespoke software and data solutions. They are an excellent technology partner for a hedge fund like us that does not have an internal technology development team.


Paul Nealon
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
ILS Capital Management

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